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Dove Stage from the floor under an aerial rig

Dove Stage #2 – the largest and most open space at Dove Stage Project

It is with great pleasure that, as of a final meeting this morning, I am able to announce our 2021 pod lineup for Dove Stage Project.

Our 2021 creator group will be as follows:

Elaine Dove, Artistic Director/Creatrix In Chief

Lydia Michelson, Aerial Director

Will Walker, Black Arts Director/Heels Diva

Siobhan Alexis Jones, Tap Firestarter

Gina Lockwood, Aerialist

Rick Jennings, Live Music Director and Gatekeeper of Audible Emotions

Natalie George, Lighting Consultant/Designer

Steve Villatoro (DJ Neph), Events Consultant and Director of Melancholy

Andrea O’Sullivan, Virtual Problem Wrangler

Buddy, Canine entertainment

If y’all know ANYTHING about dance in Austin, y’all will understand what an incredible lineup of artists this is. I encourage all of you to check out these individual artists to get a sense of the amazing and diverse talent of this crew.

I am beyond excited to see what we’re gonna create this year. Dove Stage Project is driven by love and justice, and we gonna make it happen over here!

Can’t wait to see what this will be!