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Hi there folks.

Well, it’s January of 2022 and here we are, beginning year 3 of COVID-19. How y’all doing? Wait – don’t answer that. I’m a mental health professional, so actually, I know how most people are doing, and it’s NOT great. Never mind.

Enter this blog, and what I’m going to be doing with it this year.

My dear friend Ryan Steglich and I were having  a visit on Zoom the other morning and he said to me, “Elaine, what do you DO with all your time? How do you keep going in all of this given the intensity of your work…and also, how do you keep yourself entertained?”

I know that Ryan, like most my friends, does wonder what I do with all of my time given that I don’t generally watch TV and rarely watch movies, that I don’t drink or use drugs, and that even when things have been better in terms of COVID community wise, I don’t go “out” much as many social events seem to revolve around drinking which is uninteresting to me. I mean, I did go to MotoGP, EAST and a few things here and there, but in general, I have to admit that when I need a change of scene, historically I’ve just bought a plane ticket and left the country for a minute.

Obviously this hasn’t been available or easy since March 2020. So the question comes up: How DO I spend my time if I’m not zoning out on screen time? And how do I take care of myself being a trauma therapist in an ongoing pandemic?

So, Ryan and I sat together and came up with the idea for my writing a regular blog on what I actually DO do with my time. He found the things I told him hilarious and uplifting, and it’s my hope that you might as well. We could all use some laughs, some weirdness, and a lot of creativity in these times.

The doggo above, and his half brother, are two little animals that I spend a lot of time with around here, and their entire life has been spent being part time stage dogs for a backyard circus project I have going here.

More on that later.
Happy New Year!

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