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Talking with a friend yesterday about how I’m over restaurants. I don’t know about y’all but the abuses and mistreatment in the restaurant industry exposed during COVID really opened my eyes and completely changed the way I see that industry. Now, I think about the people I don’t see behind the scenes who are making it happen, and I wonder how they’re getting treated. If I don’t know the answer to that question, I don’t order their food.

These days, I’ll do a family run food truck or a place run by someone who actually cares about employees, but those are rare. I’m just not about supporting a system that abuses people.

She said I’m a foodie. I was indignant: no I’m not! She said, “what are you eating today?” This is what I was eating at the moment she asked.

She pointed out that I plated it this way just to have it as a snack. Okay maybe she has a point.

(Pecorino tartufo with a fig balsamic glaze drizzle and freshly roasted garlic cloves roasted with Olio Beato de Marco.)

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