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OK y’all. I made some decisions.

i am getting serious about this high protein diet thing. I had to have a talk with myself because I have 3 more sessions with my trainer before he’s out for prob two months having his second kid. This means I gotta take full responsibility and get my shit together during that 8 weeks.

So, I’m doing it. I cut out 90% of dairy and American wheat bc both are asthma and inflammation triggers (Italian wheat products are ok, different wheat, high protein and doesn’t seem to trigger any issues). I started having two eggs every morning within the first hour of waking up. I stopped eating extraneous sugar.

I made a commitment.

The weird thing: I’ve been doing this about a week and my body already looks different. I haven’t really made any other changes but I’m suddenly leaning up, and this morning I got through the entire set with 30 lbs which is a first for all of the exercises – and that’s after not being on my routine for weeks on end. It’s actually a huge change tbh and now I’m really wondering just exactly how much inflammation my system has been carrying due to just not having a few easy habits in place.

So yeah, that has occasioned and is occasioning some deep thinking about how changing 1-3 simple things can actually be a game changer. It takes only 15 more minutes in the morning to make sure I eat two eggs. It’s so easy. And the benefit coming from that one change is RIDICULOUS. I notice that my tendons also feel a ton better due to another 15 minute change, which is a proper warmup before any kettlebell work.

Makes me think about what we learned in Feldy training: “Make the difference that MAKES the difference.” Like, you can change a lot of things, but there are certain KEY things that may look very small that are actually the turnkey to the whole thing. Makes me think about archery too, where tiny changes can suddenly land that arrow in the 10 circle.

So interesting because as I was chewing on this a client reached out who I haven’t seen in a while needing help with remotivating for fitness. So I dialed in and we looked for that ONE 15 minute habit that could make a big change, and by God we found it.

I’m now rethinking a lot of things. There may just be a way to streamline certain processes of change for certain things.

This is exciting y’all!

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