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Dear readers:

As you can guess or already know, the issue of being NOT required to have kids is particularly potent to me as a childfree woman who was writing on the Reddit childfree forum back when it was really small (it has since grown to over 1.5 million members and these events for sure are going to expand it even more). In the early days of the childfree movement, we were a small and very fringe bunch. Now it’s mainstream and growing exponentially with each attempt that is made to force women into pregnancy and birth.

I never wanted to be a parent – and I’m not. I have no second thoughts or regrets about being childfree, so people who tell you you’ll regret it are wrong. In my experience working with women overall, I’d say about 50% of women really don’t want kids or don’t feel strongly called to have them and this has been consistent through the many years I’ve worked as a healer. Sadly, many of these women were forced into having them either by circumstances, societal pressure, or both. I am one of the very few women of my generation who has remained free of being tethered to a man through marriage or kids. One of the few who does not bear the scars and immense trauma of this repression because I escaped it.

So. The fact that we literally have a Supreme Court justice citing a literal witch burner as a source for taking away women’s rights is no surprise to me. Because this isn’t about all women – it’s about suppressing YOUNG women, women who have the potential and power for economic success, independence, education, career, and political and financial advancement. This is very much about hamstringing YOUNG women so that they cannot advance in society and remain tethered to useless, violent, stupid men who keep them pregnant and subjugated.

Make no mistake that the reason older men are doing this is that they are deeply afraid. They know what is inside of these young women. The power, the potential, the intelligence, the vision and drive to make a better world for all.

Because: who were the witches? Young women who were healers, young women who circumvented the male system of power in place at the time to give help and healing to their communities, including reproductive assistance to women.

This is why I focus so heavily on young women as a healer – helping, healing, training and mentoring them.

And I will continue to do so.

An Old Witch

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