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I’m going to preface this short post by saying I’m childfree.

I never had kids nor did I want them. But that doesn’t keep me from caring about this issue or advocating for it.

I just notice over and over again in everyday life, the constant attacks of the “manosphere” and online, the vast amount of misogyny and hate directed toward single mothers.

I work with a lot of single moms. Not ONE of them ever planned to be a single mom. They had to flee their marriages because of addiction, abuse, infidelity, or because their male partner would not do his part in a household.

It’s just wrong.

For a long time, since I’m not a mom, I didn’t know how I could combat this kind of hate when I saw or heard it. I didn’t even know if I had a “right” to do so. But then I found a resource that gave me words and it’s become one of my favorites: Zawn Villines’ Liberating Motherhood substack. It’s given me language to name the issues and shut the bullshit down.

Also, Katie Porter, who is a single mom and one of my favorite ever political figures, is running for Senate in 2024.

Go here. Give money.

Happy January y’all. Keep fighting for moms to be treated with dignity and respect .

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