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I brought home my new motorcycle today.

Hauling ass illegally down SH130 at 85 mph, I had a lot of time to be grateful that the three years I’ve put into athletic training are ripening into the final stage, my peak fitness.

I hit 400 activity minutes last week and did it again by the end of today. Two weeks in a row.

Leaning into the R7 – feeling the hum of the engine and the aggressive riding posture, testing the throttle – it has taken EVERYTHING I’ve done over three years to get to the point where I could show up and ride a bike like this cold away from the dealership like I did today. The challenge of the ride showed me where I still need to work and it’s gonna take a while to get used to things but – I couldn’t even have done this today without the prep of the last three years. The strength, the concentration, the faith.

The work pays off. The hard slow work is worth it. It’s not only the physicality, the ability. It’s the mental grit, the challenge to oneself, the ever increasing ability to try hard and face failure in order to grow, the way in which an incredibly hard path has led me to love and value myself – because as it turns out I am indeed that rare person who can show up for the hardest thing and keep going and growing – and to see clearly who I am and what I am capable of.

what I have learned about myself in these three years:

I am someone who knows how to love and how to teach love.
I am someone who does not live in fear.
I am someone who shows up all the way for the things she believes in. Infallibly. Completely.

The door opens a little at a time, and once it’s open it’s open.

The message is this:

Don’t quit.
Keep trying.
Be a hero.

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