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Black and white image of an old school style wired stereo system

Black and White image of rca stereo jacks and wires

Ok folks – when’s the last time you wrangled a set of speaker wires?

Yeah. You read that correctly. SPEAKER WIRES. In the age of Bluetooth, your girl over here fooling around with speaker wires. Whatever could have brought me to this?

Well, like everyone else in the modern age, I’m used to running my music through a little Bluetooth speaker because they’re small and easy and I can move them around on the various Dove Stage Project spaces for rehearsals and such. We DO have a full PA system for the big back stage, but it’s a show-only  setup, not everyday use.

Well, then our sound engineer, Rick Jennings dropped his new old school vaporwave album last week under the VonRyk handle. I’d heard some preliminary rough tracks from this album, and getting the actual drop was even better.

So. Rick and I are talking about how this is gonna play out as a Dove Stage Project show… but in the meantime, I decided that my little Bluetooth speaker was not sufficient for his album and went digging around to find these old school speakers I remembered stashed in the attic. I don’t even know what decade these are from y’all. And then I had to figure out how to order components and make the little plug and play thingies, which my housemate totally helped me with since he’s a tech guy by trade.

Now I’ve got VonRyk going in the office and working on first draft of what this is gonna be as a live show with dancers! Fun times!!!

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