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A journal front covered in flowers with a small golden lock and the words how far?

I was talking to my friend Russ the other evening and he said, “You know, one of the great things about you is that you are the absolute master of the unguessable day. Let me try. What are you doing tomorrow? Tomorrow’s a Saturday so what are your plans?”

As it turned out, my plans for that Saturday included spending some time diving into a Russian kettlebell book (more on the whole Russian kettlebell thing later, that’s a whole separate deal), getting a lesson on working class British slang from a friend in London, and working on the process for a five year Vietnamese visa – something I’ve been trying to figure out for two years. Oh, and shipping a shotgun to a friend.

I told Russ this and he nodded sagely on the Zoom and said, “Yup, yup. Couldn’t have guessed that. AT ALL. The unguessable day. We all just never know, Elaine. We all just never know. We’re just waiting for the next thing.”

We laughed about that, but I got to thinking about it later and I guess it must be true, because all my life, no matter how long people have known me, their number one question is, “What are you into right now? What are you doing next?” If that’s people’s number one question for you this MUST mean that you have high unpredictability value, I guess. The purpose of this blog is to share what’s happening on some of those unguessable days.

I recently discovered a company that makes lovely blank books and journals. In fooling around with the template I realized that you could put whatever you wanted into the text field on the cover. The one above is going to be dedicated to finding out how far I’m willing to go for things. How far for family, for love, for learning, for experience, for truth, for beauty, for all that I value and desire to create in this short human life?

How far would YOU go for what you believe in?

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