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A beautiful convo with one of my young ones today.

Many of my Millenial and Gen Z clients say to me that they can’t believe I’m 54. That I’m so different than their moms.

I decided to start telling them all: This is what a woman this age looks like when she isn’t depleted. When she isn’t constantly traumatized, run down, harassed, and hasn’t tied her life to people who don’t love, respect or honor her needs.

This is what a woman looks like who refuses to let anyone use her up for their own agenda.

This is what a woman looks like who does not and will not allow men to abuse or use her.

This is what a healthy, happy, active, FREE 54 year old woman looks like. Someone who tends her energy and has a lot for herself and also to give the world.

The world has not gotten to see a lot of women like me so far. That’s why it’s important that I be out there to be seen.

This is what I want for ALL OF THEM. Because this is what real, healthy, non-drained womanhood looks like AND IT’S TIME LADIES.


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