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So there is this thing recurring over and over that I find super interesting.

Someone new to me walks in and sits down and puts their eyes on me and says, “What are we doing?” Someone I’ve never met before.

And what they mean is: What are we doing as humans? What’s our life on this planet right now? What is meaning? What are we doing with ourselves? Where is this all going?

And that’s where we BEGIN.

This is happening so often that it makes me think it’s almost time to teach a meditation group again. I’ve been talking about this with the Buddhist ministry group too.

We are definitely societally at the point of the ”foot of meditation,” which is why this question is arising again and again and again.

What people are looking for is grounding, investigation, and a way to practice. They just don’t know that’s what it is. They’ve never really heard of or thought about Buddhism for the most part. But that is exactly what they are asking me for.

It’s not a coincidence.
To be continued.

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