Vaccination and masks required for all in office visits to protect medically vulnerable clients. Virtual services via video or phone also available. Call or text for more info.
Hi. I’m Elaine Dove.

This site is always transforming, just like myself and my clients.
I’m a dancer, writer, teacher, and healer.
Learning, creating and living the examined life means that nothing remains static.
If stuff is growing, I’m doing my job right.
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Move with ease, grace, and efficiency.  For more info go HERE


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Black Person's Power Fist rising up from a rainbow colored Lotus

Performance space focusing on BIPOC/LGBTQ Performers. For more info go HERE

Latest From The Blog

Let’s Talk Bout That Haterade

Let’s Talk Bout That Haterade

So this is gonna be a series probably, but I want to take some time to talk about how much Haterade one gets as a female (especially non white female) motorcycle rider and gunshooter. I went to get this bike inspected this AM and ran the usual gauntlet of resentful...

The State of Things

The State of Things

Talking to women over and over and over since Roe… Thoughts. 1. Please, just don’t date shitty men. Manipulative behavior, lying and any hint of violence or entitlement are reasons to walk away immediately. Just move on. If he’s that way at the beginning, it ain’t...


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