Vaccination and masks required for all in office visits to protect medically vulnerable clients. Virtual services via video or phone also available. Call or text for more info.
Hi. I’m Elaine Dove.

This site is always transforming, just like myself and my clients.
I’m a dancer, writer, teacher, and healer.
Learning, creating and living the examined life means that nothing remains static.
If stuff is growing, I’m doing my job right.
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Move with ease, grace, and efficiency.  For more info go HERE


For High Performers of all types. For more info go HERE


Black Person's Power Fist rising up from a rainbow colored Lotus

Performance space focusing on BIPOC/LGBTQ Performers. For more info go HERE

Latest From The Blog

Staying For The Fight

Staying For The Fight

Someone left a radical handmade ‘zine in my mailbox yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. People have been asking me: why don’t you move out of TX Elaine? Go somewhere else more blue? My reasons. 1. The biggest one: if the 2024 election goes red, there won’t be anywhere in...

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Musing on darkness tonight. What I call the black mirror. I was thinking about how, when we form a new connection, there’s this tendency to fill the space with just “love and light” type stuff. It’s new, it’s nice, and we are happy about it. But at some point, the...

The Love of Archangels

The Love of Archangels

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. I worked with a young couple today (working with couples is something I’m slowly easing into and I’m loving doing it). They started out stiff and nervous and by the end were warm, sparkling, making jokes, touching each...


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