Masking available for medically vulnerable clients. Your clinician is fully vaccinated and stays up to date on COVID boosters. Virtual services via video or phone also available. Call or text for more info.

The Feldenkrais Method is a teaching and learning method of helping people inhabit and move in their bodies in an integrated, self realized way.

It consists of classes and/or one on one sessions where I instruct you through gentle movement sequences to help you understand what you’re doing with your body as well as to shift you toward more optimal, graceful and powerful movement.

People use the Feldenkrais Method for injury prevention and rehabilitation, staying active later in life, and healing both physical and emotional “disconnects.” For more information you can visit

I am currently teaching a Feldenkrais class in a private meditation community near the Salt Lick, southwest of Austin. Time is 11:45 am on Saturdays and cost is $20. This class is held in a 4000 SF space with strict vaccination requirements; attendees must be fully vaccinated and wear a KF94/KN95 mask to the class. If you’re interested in attending, email me directly. I am also offering a Zoom option to take the class.

Private sessions are 90 minutes and $100-250 sliding scale. 

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