Masking available for medically vulnerable clients. Your clinician is fully vaccinated and stays up to date on COVID boosters. Virtual services via video or phone also available. Call or text for more info.


Safety Guidelines and Expectations

The Dove Stage Project is a privately owned teaching and working space for movement artists. It is contained within a private property and is not open to the public at any time. Anyone allowed onto the Dove Stage property will be screened for habits and attitudes toward preventing COVID-19 by either the founder of DSP or one of the three other artists who have ongoing residencies at the property.

In addition to housing outdoor stages for teaching and performing, the property is home to a healing practice that sees many immunocomprised individuals and clients of color. Therefore, DSP has the following guidelines for COVID safety and practice in place:

~ Everyone who enters the property must be quarantining and following all COVID safety guidelines, particularly those governing wearing a mask inside of all public businesses and not gathering in groups with others who have not been determined to be COVID safe, even if they are family members. There must be full disclosure of any COVID questionable habits of housemates, family members or others who are living or interacting with people who come to DSP.
~ Everyone who enters the property must be wearing a KF94, KN95 or N95 at all times. This rule will remain in place until spread is contained.
~ Individuals and family members who are not COVID safe cannot take part in any rehearsal or performance opportunities through Dove Stage Project. We have people from vulnerable populations in our artistic pod and they will not be exposed to COVID through the carelessness of others.
~ Anyone participating in non COVID safe activities (such as dating and becoming intimate with non-screened strangers, eating in restaurants, going into any business where not everyone is masked, going to indoor exercise classes without a mask) may follow DSP online but is not welcome in this physical space.

The purpose of the Dove Stage Project is to create a COVID and bigotry free environment where COVID safe artists can create work and collaborate without having to continually deal with the stresses created by people who refuse to follow, or try to justify, unsafe habits that are not in line with governmental mandates and worldwide recommendations for preventing COVID-19. Because COVID-19 disproportionately affects communities of color, the founder’s perspective is that COVID-19 intertwines with Black Lives Matter and that preventing its transmission is an integral part of social justice and fairness toward BIPOC artists.

The available research and data about the transmission of COVID-19 through aerosols is widely available and has been for months. It is not the responsibility of the Dove Stage Project to educate people about or debate the risks, existence or transmission of SARS-Cov-19. Those who choose to believe or behave as though this virus is a hoax or “not that big a deal” are not candidates to be taught or hosted at DSP. People who do not appear to have educated themselves about safe practices or proper mask wear are also not welcome at DSP. Preventing the transmission of this disease requires everyone to be mature, self-responsible, and thoughtful toward others, and this is the baseline DSP expectation.

There are other venues and spaces where the general public is allowed in, often without appropriate or effective screening, to take classes and perform. People can choose those avenues if they don’t wish to follow guidelines and take their own risks. Dove Stage project is not, and will not be, one of those places.

The founder of Dove Stage Project is an Asian American whose family has lived through previous pandemics and who does ongoing, extensive research on the newest findings regarding COVID-19 in order to keep everyone who visits the property safe. As such, the decisions made regarding the property are considered to be resting on best practice as well as the moral responsibility of not transmitting disease to others, and are not negotiable.